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 Pure Love Activation MP3:

This is a guided meditation MP3 with an activation by Lady Master Mary Magdalene, to activate, expand and deepen the Pure Love Essence within us in further advancement of Ascension. Purchase includes the transcript of the Pure Love Activation, plus Mary Magdalene's Pure Love Teaching. 
Music by Thaddeus ~

Special Price$3.33. Please Purchase Here  (Activation/ Meditation Category or second page of store)

Please Note: I will be sending you the MP3 and two document files to download via an email from as soon as possible after your purchase! Thank you for your patience, as I must send the files manually - automatic download is not available at this time. 

If you would like the files sent to a different email address than is listed on your Paypal Notification, please let me know by using the Contact Button to the left. Thank you!


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